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Metabolic Neuromodulation Therapy

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Basic physiologic studies from published literature across various animal models and humans have led to the conclusion that reducing sympathetic nerve input to the metabolic organs may be useful in the clinical management of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Studies in a variety of animal models have confirmed that targeted sympathetic tone reduction improves the ability of the metabolic system to manage glucose levels.1 Data from animal and human studies reveals that reducing sympathetic tone allows the body to become less resistant to insulin as well as to produce more insulin, thus treating both root causes of type 2 diabetes.2

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The System

Metabolic Neuromodulation Therapy (MNT) is a minimally invasive catheter-based procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to ablate nerves leading to the metabolic organs. Metavention has developed a proprietary catheter, radiofrequency generator, and energy delivery protocol optimized for this purpose.

The Procedure

The MNT procedure is performed in a catheterization laboratory by experienced interventionalists using angiography for guidance. A minimally invasive approach via a small puncture in the femoral artery is used to access the hepatic artery similar to common techniques used for other catheter-based treatments. Radiofrequency energy is delivered through the walls of the hepatic blood vessels to disable nerves in the surrounding tissue, with the goal of reducing sympathetic tone to the metabolic organs. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour and is completed without the need for general anesthesia. Study patients typically stay overnight in the hospital and are discharged the following day.


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1DiCostanzo et al. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 290: E9–E16, 2006.
2Lambert et al. Pharmacology & Therapeutics 126: 159–172, 2010.

The Metabolic Neuromodulation System is not currently approved in any region and is limited to investigational use only for the COMPLEMENT study. CAUTION: INVESTIGATIONAL DEVICE, LIMITED TO INVESTIGATIONAL USE.